Our modern online e-learning platform provides a fantastic alternative to face to face training and yet still provides for evidence based training. SECHA has moved itself into the arena of e-learning in a very modern way and at prices you just would not believe.

Our excellent e-learning portal provides access to more than 100 courses that have been professionally put together allowing users to access the course from anywhere in the world (subject to an internet connection) 24/7 and on either mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computers.

What about the CARE CERTIFICATE for care staff? The full care certificate course can be purchased as a package for only £25 for all 15 standards or individual themes that make up the total for only £4.50.

Our prices are amazing. If you are a SECHA member you can buy a CPD course for an astonishing 90p!

The courses need not be the same and do not have to be started immediately. The courses must be used and completed within 12 months of purchase.

  • Access your online classroom.
  • Print certificates and maintain your CPD portfolio.
  • Download reports for learners and courses.
  • Add and remove staff/learners.
  • Assign courses to your staff.
  • Go to our e-learning portal HERE.

12 Steps to First Login

  1. Scroll to bottom of home page and find e-learning
  2. Click the red coloured words ‘Please click here to log in via our e-learning portal.
  3. The SECHA e-learning portal will open
  4. Input the e-mail address that Phil uses to contact you
  5. DO NOT TRY TO COMPLETE THE PASSWORD but under the password box and the word LOGIN are the words ‘Can’t login? / Create Password?‘ click on these words
  6. An e-mail will be sent immediately to your e-mail address with a link
  8. Click the link in the e-mail and you will be taken back to login and asked to create your own personal password and to repeat it in the second box
  9. Once done you will again be taken back to the portal and you can login for real
  10. Input your e-mail address
  11. Input your created password
  12. Click ‘login’ and you will be in the purchase centre

Any problems click the help function at the bottom left of your screen and you will be helped with live chat.