Are the Wheels coming off the Social Care Wagon?

I seem to be singing the old song “4 wheels on my Wagon” Two weeks into the New Year and SECHA heard the sad news that one of our members had decided to close, as it was no longer financially viable. Yes it was a small Home so perhaps it didn’t come as a great surprise and we believe more will follow. But is it just small homes at risk?

Towards the end of last year in Southend we saw the closure of two Care Homes, both citing the fact that they were no longer financially viable. One was a reasonably small home the other was quite a large home. In the trade papers it was rumoured that BUPA was trying to sell off some of its care homes and that Four Seasons Care Homes were having financial problems.

So If we thought it was just small homes wrong. In fact this problem seems to apply to large and small homes.

After the spending review Councils were told they could increase council tax by 2% for Social Care. The latest predictions are that it is not enough and that Social Care is still woefully underfunded….. Whoops – “3 wheels on my wagon and I’m still rolling along, the Cherokees are after me…..” You know the song.

Then headlines in the Daily Mail recently that GP’s will refuse to treat the elderly in care homes and they will have to be looked after by private doctors. So is this the start of the old and vulnerable being refused treatment by the NHS?

Of course, age discrimination in the NHS does not happen in this country – Oops. Yes I think the Social Care band wagon has lost a wheel and the others don’t look too steady either!