As if we needed any more articles supporting the view that SECHA holds about expressing its concern for the future off Social Care funding. This article from the Daily Mail talks about families having to pay top ups rather than accepting the cheapest home the council offers them! And now this is being seen as an unacceptable practice by the Local Government Ombudsman.

Laing Buisson said the real cost of a care home place is between £554 and £625 a week, and between £591 and £662 for an elderly man or woman with dementia. Many councils are currently paying £450.00 or less a week for the elderly with dementia. This does not take into account the increases to the living wage due to start shortly.

This shortfall is going to increase. Is it realistic for the state to expect to get a service for £440.00 when it costs £662 or more. Where are the old and vulnerable going to end up?

Will the Councils end up spending more of their hard earned budgets on defending their actions in court or by employing media managers to defend their stance in the public arena?

Or, God forbid, are we walking a road which leads to a modern version of Victorian workhouses for the most vulnerable in our country.

Speaking to the people for the people