Crisis What Crisis?

That is the official position of our Government regarding the NHS.

Last year we had report after report from just about every part of our industry including CQC, the industry watch dog and the Kings Fund stating the care system is in crisis and is on the point of collapse. On the 9th. January 2017 the government stated quite clearly that any problem with the social care Industry is due to Councils not managing it properly!

Well I have said for some time that the Care Industry has turned into a culture of blame, normally targeting care staff who are unable to defend themselves or are not even told who has complained or what the complaint is, but to be ostracised in front of the good and great of Social Services. Now the Councils who pull the chains of Social Services to ensure blame is appropriately laid at the door of anyone other than the Councils are themselves the subject of the blame culture.

SECHA has no reason to believe that anything will change in 2017, in fact it believes things will get worse unless someone stands up and tells it the way it is! But of course no one will because the price of telling the truth is an unacceptable price which has to be paid.

Welcome 2017 and to the fantasy world of Social Care!