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Conditions of Membership

  1. Prior to acceptance all applicants will be visited by representatives of the Association to affirm acceptability.
  2. Staff should be well managed and receive all necessary training.
  3. Staffing levels must be adequately maintained for the type of care provided.
  4. All necessary records should be maintained in accordance with the laid down requirements.
  5. No reimbursement or refunding of fees can be given.
  6. Any organisation applying for membership is required to nominate one individual to be the representative of that member
  7. No care provider who is part of a group or a branch of an organisation may individually be members and all homes or branches of that organisation that is within Essex must become members.
  8. No more than one qualifying person from each care provider who is a member may sit as a Director of the Association. A group or several branches of the same organisation who are members will be treated as a single care provider for this purpose and only one nominee for Directorship will be accepted from the group or branches of the same organisation.
  9. Members shall provide the highest standard of care and understanding for the needs of service users.
  10. The Association reserves the right to refuse or cancel membership.