Over the past few months SECHA along with other care organisations have been expressing concern about the state of our Social Care. Last month SECHA likened it to a band wagon rolling on, albeit with wobbly wheels. However wheels, in order to continue to revolve and therefore perform their function, need to be serviced regularly with oil and grease. Without this they seize and the wagon stops.

The care industry does not work in isolation but like wheels, needs the oil and grease to support it. We also need the support of many;

  • Social Workers who monitor the care and advise their Clients, and, it must be said, advise and support the care industry.
  • The back room boys and girls at the Council who keep the organisation of social care functioning.
  • District Nurses, Dementia Nurses, Psychiatric Nurses who look after our clients and support their carers.
  • Ambulance Crews who are on standby 24 hours a day.
  • Chiropodists, Hairdressers,
  • GP`s – Oops they have just voted to opt out of attending to residents in Care Homes…… Is that a squeak coming from a wheel? Not a good sign!
  • Yes even the police on whom we rely, not only to investigate deaths in a care Home and elsewhere, but also to administer the DBS Police checks.

All staff wanting to work in the care industry are required to make a DBS application which includes a police check to be carried out on them as part of the selection process. Unfortunately as is announced on the DSB Phone service The Met Police are taking 18 weeks to perform a police check. So it’s not unreasonable to allow 6 months to complete the selection process for a care assistant who is paid the minimum wage, but who is going to wait at home for 6 months for a starting date for their new Job? Or, if they continue on Job seekers allowance they will be encouraged to attend interviews for alternative jobs and accept an alternative job. This at a time when more carers are needed to look after the old and vulnerable.

Of course, it good that those who look after our weak and vulnerable should be Police checked but a system should be in place to allow this to be done efficiently and effectively and not end up as being a barrier to recruiting staff. Of Course, the Police service have had their fair share of cuts and perhaps this is in part to blame.

So whose fault it is that the care industry, already being beaten by cuts and added bureaucracy is also seeing the support it so desperately needs creaking at the seams, and, frankly, not able to cope?

The Government both national and local make the cuts and therefore it’s their fault.. So let’s blame David Cameron and the Tories who have slashed budgets and is bringing this once great country to its knees. Fine that sorted now we can all sleep in the knowledge it’s not our fault and have a clear conscience.

However the Government and politicians operate under a 5 year licence. A licence which is operated by the electorate and without whose endorsement and support it will not operate.

So we should all hang our heads in shame. It’s not the politicians who frankly take the decisions I would not like to have to take. The Government and the country reflects our society. A society which needs to get its house in order. Chickens come home to roost and if society as a whole does not take seriously what is happening, well the George Orwell Scenario in Animal Farm may not be so far away.

2nd. March 2016