So often we hear bad news about care homes. Abuse is normally the headlines. But so often there are good stories.

Many residents come to live in a care home and have a great experiences. You don’t hear about the stories where it improves the residents life, where they become stronger and more at ease with themselves. Care Homes need to shout about the good things they do, the good outcomes for our residents which we deliver every day. So why should we shout about something which we are doing day in day out? Why? Because we need to let people see the other side of care homes. The side which doesn’t get on to Panorama or the national Press.

One such Home which delivered a wonderful outcome for one of its residents is Catherine Miller House in Leigh – on – Sea. Read the article:

This is what care homes are about. Improving the lives of residents.

It may not be this dramatic for every resident, but sometimes small things can make all the difference as well as the big things.

Catherine Miller House is part of what SECHA stands for;

Good quality Care which is making a difference to its Residents and ensuring SECHA stands out as a beacon of good care no matter where their members are, whether it be in Essex, Thurrock or Southend.

So to the team at Catherine Miller House, The Directors of SECHA take their hat off to you. Well done and well done for telling us about it.
Now let’s hear from all the other Homes that make a difference to the lives of their residents! It doesn’t have to be so dramatic but let’s shout about the good work Care Homes do. Let’s show the public a different side of care. Let’s show them The SECHA side!

SECHA, changing the way we do business