The August Bank Holiday is now behind us and that marks the end to the long summer holidays and the last minute back to school shopping.. The summer bbq’s are being removed from the stores to make way for – dare I say it – the Christmas Range! Autumn is just around the corner. It’s been a quiet summer in the Care World. No headline grabbing scare stories. No bad news. Perhaps we have all been holding our breath given the Referendum and the doom and gloom forecasts. Well, No aircrafts have fallen out of the sky, World war 3 hasn’t been declared and well, all seems pretty much normal, so perhaps we can all go back to our normal lives. But SECHA on the other hand has been working hard organising our First Annual Conference taking place on 20th September. Our speakers include King College London and Southend Council There will be stalls there with suppliers hoping to sell us their wares and save us money.

Of course residential homes have been busy doing with what they do every day of the week to try and make the lives of our residents that more worthwhile. It’s the sort of thing Homes do every day but never talk about. Because that is what is expected and they exceed expectations day in Day out.

One such event which must be said is carried out by homes up and down the country every summer is a bar b que. The Oakdale Residential Home in Benfleet opened its doors to all for their annual Bar B Que and in the words of the manager “The more the Merrier” and other care homes were invited The Lilacs was asked to attend with their residents. Well we brought along those residents who normally don’t get the opportunity to get out and what a wonderful afternoon. The sun came out the food was plentiful and tasty the normal burgers and chicken but also Paella, with huge big prawns!! Wow, what a treat A raffle stall and games, and it was opened by the Mayor. Also the highlight of the afternoon was the star of Bucks Fizz along with this partner entertained all with a multitude of songs We all danced and sang our way through the afternoon. Zimmer Frames were rocking, Wheel chairs were bouncing and feet tapping……

So first of all many thanks on behalf of all the many residents who had a wonderful time, and many thanks to Mel Tucknott, the Manager, for organising it, Also many thanks to the owner of Oakdale who along with his beautiful wife and supported the event and his manager.

Of course what makes this different is that Oakdale is a SECHA home who put their residents first and put the principles of Quality Care at the centre of all they do.