Activities Course

A half day course. Topics covered:

  • What is meant by Activities
  • What is Required under Care standards
  • Examples of Activities
  • Promoting an Active Care Home


Basic Fire Safety Awareness Course

A half day course. Topics covered:

  • Chemistry of Fire
  • Fire Growth & Smoke Travel
  • Fire Safety Legislation
  • Case Study of Fire in a Residential Care Home
  • The consequences of Fire in Care Homes
  • Vulnerable persons and those at most risk
  • Fire fighting equipment – how to choose and use correctly
  • Methods of good maintenance and housekeeping
  • End of course multiple choice examination at end to prove learning in order for certificates to be issued


Dementia and Challenging Behaviour Course

This is one course and a certificate will only be issued on attendance for the full day.

Course will cover:

  • What is Dementia?
  • Who is affected by Dementia?
  • Types of Dementia
  • Treatment of Dementia
  • Conditions mistaken for Dementia
  • How we diagnose this condition
  • Signs of Dementia and problems experienced
  • Communication with people who suffer the illness
Challenging Behaviour
  • What causes Challenging Behaviour?
  • How do we manage it?
  • How do we prevent it in the future?
  • The course will look at situations that can happen in a Residential/Nursing Home and how we could manage them.


Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Level 2 Award in Health and Safety in Health and Social Care

Courses will run over ONE Day and incorporates all the topics relevant to the world of work. An introduction to Health & safety adapted to provide health and safety training for employees working in Nursing & Care Homes. The qualification provides an introduction to health & safety and focuses on the following areas:

  • Health & Safety Law
  • Health
  • Safety
  • Welfare
  • Hygiene Awareness
  • Hygiene Hazards
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Cleaning
  • H & S requirements placed on Care Providers and employees
  • Hazard and risk and the main causes of harm to residents and employees
  • The importance of Health & Safety and following safe systems of work, procedures and rules
  • The general hazards and controls in respect to both safety and occupational health risks
  • How employees actions can reduce risks to health & safety


Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering

This qualification will benefit anyone working in a situation where food is prepared, cooked and served. It is relevant to all catering operations in care and nursing homes.

Courses will run over ONE Day and is recognised to be the minimum legal requirement for anyone handling food and will cover:

Successful completion of the training programme and assessment will enable candidates to understand:

  • The terminology used in food safety
  • The laws that apply to food businesses and food handlers
  • The concepts of food hazards and how the risk of food poisoning can be contained
  • How to take product and equipment temperatures
  • How a reduction in storage temperature will minimise bacterial multiplication
  • The importance of high temperatures in the supply of safe food
  • That food handlers can pose a risk to food safety
  • The importance of utilising appropriate storage conditions for different types of food
  • The importance of cleaning food premises
  • The need for high standards for structure and equipment to promote good hygiene in food premises


Emergency First Aid Courses

Courses will cover:

  • Incident Management
  • Management of an Unconscious Casualty
  • Examination & Diagnosis
  • Resuscitation Techniques
  • Airway Obstructions and Choking
  • Shock, Heart Attack
  • Wounds & Bleeding
  • Workplace Issues