Whilst Secha welcomes the Governments increase in the minimum wage to a living wage, this still does not address the issue that many carers are on the minimum wage.

Even after the introduction of the living wage, carers will still be considered, at least in monetary terms, as the most worthless in our community. To put this in simple terms society values someone who stacks shelves in a supermarket higher than a carer looking after the sick and the most vulnerable in our society.

This generation who our carers are looking after, were prepared to give their lives in support of the freedoms this country values. Many of them lost limbs, many lost sons, daughters, fathers or mothers in the defence of this country. Did they do it in the belief that their health and safety in their twilight hours would be placed in the hands of those who society has decided are, in monetary terms, so worthless.

We believe social care should be appropriately financed. Carers should receive appropriate recompense for the work and service they deliver. Carers do an exceptional job under the most difficult situations sometimes placing themselves in danger.

How long is Society prepared to turn a blind eye to what is happening to social care.

Let’s join together and call upon the government to look at this issue rather than using a sticking plaster to cover over the faults. The problem won’t go away by this strategy and it will get worse!

See article in Community Cares By Clare Pelham, chief executive of Leonard Cheshire Disability and a member of the Demos Commission on Residential Care